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Copyright Infringement (DMCA ) As per South African copyright (Section 23(1)) "any person, not being the owner of the copyright who without licence of such owner upload any song (content ) to the website www.venrapradiostation.co.za the song will be taken down and their account stand to be suspended or permanently deactivated. Upload music that you have copyrights to or have agreement with the owner. Report copyright activity by clicking on the bottom right of the screen under description on the tab Report copyright infringement. Q: What happens to my song if is suspend due to a DMCA (copyright )complain? A: The track won't be available to that user anymore (the track will remain on server), also both the copyright claimer and the abuser will be informed via email. Q: What happens if delete my track due to a DMCA (copyright ) complain? A: The track will be permanently removed from your server and your account might be suspended or permanently deleted